प्रकार एसएसपी -1830 भारी शुल्क माउंट केलेले फोर्कलिफ्ट ट्रक स्नो नांगर संलग्नक

घर / सर्व संलग्नके / प्रकार एसएसपी -1830 भारी शुल्क माउंट केलेले फोर्कलिफ्ट ट्रक स्नो नांगर संलग्नक

प्रकार एसएसपी -1830 भारी शुल्क माउंट केलेले फोर्कलिफ्ट ट्रक स्नो नांगर संलग्नक

The fork mounted sprung snow plough is ideal for clearing areas where hidden objects are likely to be encountered. The spring loaded blade minimises damage to the plough and to objects such as manhole covers etc.

Castor and rubber blade are fitted as standard

**Big Pockets available on request please supply Fork width and depth measurements when submitting order**

मॉडेलBlade WidthMax Fork SizeInstallationपृष्ठभाग उपचारRubber Blade Insert





गॅल्वनाइज्ड / पेंट केलेले








द्रुत तपशील

मूळ ठिकाण: फुझियान, चीन (मेनलँड)
ब्रँड नाव: हुमाएआय
Model Number: SSP-1830
Product Name: Type SSP-1830 heavy duty mounted forklift truck snow plough attachment
Type: SSP-1830
Blade Width: 1830
Installation: Slip-on
Max Fork Size: 180X80
पृष्ठभागावरील उपचारः गॅल्वनाइज्ड / पेंट केलेले

A fixed blade forklift snow plough that is angled to clear snow to the left. The snow plough comes fitted as standard with a heavy duty steel wearstrip with the additional option of having a 20mm thick rubber blade insert fitted if desired.

Utilising a heavy duty rolled steel blade, our fixed forklift snow plough is designed to work in the most arduous of snow conditions and is more than suitable for ploughing fresh or hard compacted frozen snow.

Large 'T' screw fork clamps ensure the snow plough is secured to the forklift forks at all times

Heavy duty steel blade rolling for complete durability and longevity

• Angled blade, ensures snow is pushed away to one side when ploughing

• Heavy duty steel wearstrips fitted as standard to all models with the option of additional 20mm thick rubber blade inserts

• Generous sized fork pockets, ensures the forklift snow plough will fit most fork trucks, thus maximising use of available plant machinery

• Quick and easy to fit on and off the forklift forks via zinc plated safety screw clamps

• No moving parts, offering low maintenance and servicing costs

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